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We are Dingo Travel, the official tour guide and operators of www.bluemountains-tours.com.au.

It is our pleasure to present and operate our authentic guided tours:

  • The Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • The Indigenous Aboriginal Tour
  • The Jenolan Caves Day Tour

The Dingo Travel Mission

Every step you take into the world should be a memorable one, especially while on an Australia holiday. Dingo Travel is a small, independent travel company that is committed to providing people like you with the most memorable experience possible. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to organize the most unique and exciting excursions possible. Every Blue Mountains tour we schedule is a new adventure for us as well as you!

Experience the Sights of Australia via BlueMountains-Tours.com.au

Anyone can follow a map and read from a script. We choose a different approach to ensure that every journey you make with us is a fulfilling one. Dingo Travel’s Blue Mountain day trips are more personal and intimate. You aren’t just another face it the crowd. You become our guest as we show you the exquisite beauty and allure of one of Australia’s most impressive natural regions.

The Dingo Travel approach is holistic rather than commercial. We show you all there is to see and enrich each experience with the valuable information, lore and tales that have been passed on to us by the area’s indigenous people. These keepers of wisdom are not easy to access yet they have so much to share. We pass along their timeless knowledge to give you a taste of the magic of the Blue Mountains. When you travel with us, you aren’t just passing through; you are opening doors to entirely new and amazing experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

Let Us Plan Your Australia Tour!

We would love the chance to reveal the many secrets of the world to you during your next Australia holiday! Every guest is a V.I.P. in our book, which is why we always guarantee pleasant personality and comfortable accommodations with every travel and tour package we offer. Get in touch with Dingo Travel today to discover how we can transform your next Blue Mountains tour into a life changing experience!

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