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There are some questions that Australia visitors frequently ask us.
We have included some helpful answers below to assist you as you gather the information you need to prepare for your trip with Blue Mountains Tours.
Please contact us if you do not see the answer to your questions listed here.

What’s the Weather Like On The Blue Mountains?

No matter what time of year you plan to go on a Blue Mountains Tour, you should remain relatively comfortable without special gear or garments. This region enjoys pleasant temperatures most of the time. The summer season averages to around 22 degrees Celsius (71 degrees Fahrenheit). Winter usually brings temperatures around 10 or 11 degrees Celsius (50 to 51 degrees Fahrenheit). Some variation should be expected at different elevations.

What Should I Wear On A Blue Mountains Day Tour?

The climate in the Blue Mountains is generally agreeable.

Summer visitors should plan to wear shorts or loose trousers along with comfortable walking shoes. Winter visitors should bring along a hat and jacket. The climate changes at different elevations so we do recommend bringing along a jacket or other warm covering just in case. Hiking boots are always good, but not required. Remember to consult the Blue Mountains weather report closer to your tour date.

What Are The Top 3 Sightseeing Spots In The Blue Mountains?

There are many attractions and activities that you will love while journeying with us on one of our Blue Mountains day tours. That being said, if you had to choose just three locations to visit, we would highly recommend the Waradah Aboriginal Culture House, Scenic World and Three Sisters rock formation.

What Can Families with Children Do in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains aren’t just for adult travellers. There are many kid-friendly activities and attractions available. Families can check out the Jenolan Caves as well as many theaters and cinemas which offer animated films and other child-focused entertainment. The Featherdale Wildlife Park is another great opportunity for learning and fun. We also suggest the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens at Blackheath, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, the Botanists Way, National Trust of Australia (NSW), Everglades, Mount Tomah and Scenic World. There are also festivals and special events hosted at local hotels and other venues offered throughout the year.

What Entertainment Options are Offered at the Blue Mountains?

Admiring the local scenery is wonderful, but we also realize that some visitors want more options. The Blue Mountains is also home to a wide range of antique centres and diverse art galleries. You can also sample local cuisine at the many restaurants operating in the area. One of the pleasant stop is Leura Village and its breathtaking gardens.

What Else Can I Do While Touring the Blue Mountains?

If you need a break from all the fresh air and fine scenery, the Blue Mountains also offer excellent shopping, beauty and spa treatment services, camping and many other leisure activities.

How Do I Get to the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains are located in New South Wales and are easily accessible from Sydney. Many newcomers find that the trip out to the mountains is almost as exciting as the time they spend there. Most visitors opt to travel by coach, minibus, hired car or van from the city to the mountains. The trip with Blue Mountains Tours ensures you ultra comfort aboard our luxury state of the art Mercedes Benz bus from the time you depart Sydney to the time you return. The trip takes around one hour from departure to arrival.

Another option is to begin your Blue Mountains trip by rail. Train lines connect Sydney to the mountain region and include a few well-known stops along the way. Extend your tour by visiting Penrith, Parramatta, Strathfield or the Emu Plains before arriving at your destination.

How Long Will It Take to Explore the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains is a mystical, amazing place and there will be quite a lot to see and do. Blue Mountains Tours offers day trips, but some visitors may feel rushed if they discover many areas of interest in the region. You can do quite a lot in a single day, but we also suggest planning for a week-long trip if you really want to dive deep into local culture, lore and scenery. We are more than happy to assist in planning a longer visit. Please contact us to learn more about options and pricing.

What Accommodation is available in the Blue Mountains?

There are a variety of options available should you want to stay close by the Blue Mountains. Many hotels operate in the area, each with a unique collection of amenities and price ranges. No matter where you plan to stay, we highly recommend booking your rooms as early as possible. This is extremely important during peak season when many locations may become full. Blue Mountains Tours can help you find available lodging if needed. Please contact us for more options.

What Makes Up The Culture Of The Blue Mountains?

Europeans came to the Blue Mountains, Australia long ago, yet they were far from the first to step foot in this lush and exotic region. For many millennia, the area was home to native tribes who flourished in its rich, lush landscape. Today those people still exist and are recognized as the Gundungurra and Darug. The first group maintains a base in Katoomba called the Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation.

The second group of original Blue Mountains people, the Darug, also continues to make the area their home. They too have a central base for representation called the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation. Blue Mountains Tours can introduce you to the native Gundungurra and Darug cultures and people so you can truly get closer to the land and the lives that it nurtures.

What makes the Blue Mountains a thriving area of plant and animal life?

The Blue Mountains are more than a gorgeous land formation. The area is also home to more than 400 types of animals. These include furry creatures like the beloved koala, yellow bellied glider, and tiger quoll. Rare reptiles have also made a home on the mountains, including the endangered Blue Mountain Water Skink.

Plant life has found a paradise in many regions within the Blue Mountains. Our Blue Mountains Tours guests can discover very diverse settings as they travel, ranging from panoramic mountaintop views to dense, lush safari hikes. Get closer to Mother Nature while learning more about the undeniable beauty of the planet we all share.

What Makes Our Private Tours so Popular?

A private tour means that as one of our 14 exclusive guests, you get to travel in style in one of our state of the art luxury Mercedes- Benz Buses. No big buses, no getting lost in the crowd, no onboarding & offboarding queuing. You get the exclusive treatment that you wouldn’t get with any non private tour.

Should you have any other questions that have not been answered above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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